It was challenging to convey the idea that there is no need to be afraid of lending money to friends, family, since Wechsel is a safe space for everyone. Thats why the highlight of the project was the development of a really friendly graphic style that sets the user in a positive way.
When discussing the details of the project with the client, we learned the main idea of the project, formulated the goals and further work plan.
– Describe the portrait of the site user;
– Compose the structure of a website;
– Make color palette;
– Pick up a font;
– Develop logo;
– Prepare sketches for illustrations;
Our task was to develop visual identity of a project , a website and a design concept for social networks.
Wechsel makes lending safer with NFT-based promissory notes.
Live preview
UI/UX, Branding
The result of the work was a website with unique and welcoming style, pack of illustrations and logo – these all joined form a recognizable visual concept.
We came up with the several ideas for illustrations but for this project were chosen hand-drawn people who interact with one another – they are very consistent with the concept of Wechsel.
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