Having all the necessary information about the project, we started collecting references and developing the main design concept, which included: choosing a grid for the design, color scheme, illustration style and block structure on the page.
The target audience in such field is very specific. These are not ordinary people, but companies or individuals who wanted to build the whole process of cryptocurrency mining – the acquisition of equipment, delivery and placement in data centers, which is quite expensive.
So we've set three goals:
Refresh design. The previous design was outdated against which background competitors' websites looked more attractive;
Make navigation easier. It was difficult for users to navigate the structure of the site and find the information they needed;
Add new pages and sections.
The objective of the project was to create a company's website with complete information about the company's services and a marketplace. All in one place and user friendly.
Uminers is engaged in the provision of services related to cryptomining – sales and logistics of mining equipment, as well as hosting.
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UI/UX, Branding
Crypto mining
The big sell in Uminers website design are minimalistic UI and illustrations, especially 3D in the header, that demonstrate the ease of access to additional services.
The user interface allows users quickly understand the process of how the services are provided and order them online.
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