In order to ensure an effective result, the team spent time analyzing user expectations and testing various designs.
Our task was to make Rebaid's landing page more user-friendly, taking into consideration the marketing aspect of the product and increasing conversions.
To achieve this, we first identified the problem with the existing landing page – it was difficult to navigate and lacked key information. Next, we closely collaborated with the client to recognize which user features would be necessary for satisfying their needs.
The existing design of Rebaid landing page was outdated and disorganized, as it focused more on product cards than the features offered by Rebaid. In order to address these issues, the team needed to come up with a solution that was both visually appealing and provided content-rich features.
Rebaid is a rebate site that offers cashback rebates of up to 100% back on products from Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and more.
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UI/UX, Branding
The final design was intuitive, user-friendly, and provided detailed insights into the success of their marketing strategies.
This enabled Rebaid to improve their conversion rates, helping them to extend their reach in the market and grow their client base. Additionally, their efforts directly impacted their reputation and resulted in positive reviews from customers.
Result of work:
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